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Medicare Part D for 2021

If you are covered by a Medicare Part D drug plan this year or will turn 65 soon and will be covered for next year, it is important to be sure you have the best plan for YOU and your situation. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE assume that the plan you took last year, is the best plan going forward for next year.

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Coronavirus Induced Market Volatility: Should You Be Rebalancing Your Portfolio and How

The course of the coronavirus and how the markets react is not a function of time (annual, semi- annual or quarterly) nor is it impacted by how the markets change (threshold). Therefore, it makes most sense to do a rebalance as a bottom to the markets appear to be forming. How to determine that is difficult for a professional and more difficult for an individual investor. The one thing that is known, is that a rebalance should take place prior to a market recovery.

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