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Getting Your Digital Estate in Order

Digital Estate Planning is a proactive process designed to help manage your digital assets upon your incapacity or death. With many bank, brokerage, credit card, bill pay sites and other types of accounts going online (and in some cases, only allowing online access) digital estate planning has become an increasingly important part of traditional estate planning.

It is important that for all of your accounts, which have online access and passwords, that you also have offline documentation which you keep in a known location. That will allow your trustees, designated Power-of-Attorneys or executor’s access to these accounts as and when needed. It is recommended that this documentation be stored in a secure location, preferably near or with your other estate planning documents and that they be updated regularly. 

To help you gather all your account information in one place download our Digital Estate Planning form (a fillable PDF). You’ll want to update the information whenever you open, modify or close an online account.