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Proper Estate Planning Documents

Every adult with any kind of asset needs the protection provided by proper estate planning documents. The best and “safest” place (to ensure that your plans are adhered to exactly) to obtain these documents is from an estate planning attorney who can provide you with appropriate and sound legal advice.

For individuals turning 18, and with no dependents, no real estate and very little in the way of assets, the purchase of estate planning documents can be expensive. Still, having estate planning documents is in your best interests and the best interests of your future heirs.

The following websites provide standardized estate planning documents for residents of California. Residents of other states might find similar websites, appropriate for where he or she lives.

If you choose not to use an Estate Planning Attorney, please follow the relevant instructions for the proper completion of the following documents. Once complete, be sure to sign the documents in front of a notary and then provide a copy of the documents to those individuals named within.


Power of Attorney – Allows control of your financial matters if you cannot.

Advanced Healthcare Directive – Allows others to make healthcare decision if you cannot.

Will – Passes your assets on your death.

HIPAA Release – Authorization for health information release.