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Securing your Financial Well-Being Workbook for Widows and Widowers

The death of your spouse or partner is one of the most difficult challenges of your life. No matter if you are a widow or widower you will be required to make a series of decisions to try to regain balance in your life.

There have been numerous books written to help you cope with your grief, emotions and social adjustments. There does not seem to be a concise “how to” workbook that outlines what needs to be done to help you keep track of your progress in making the necessary changes.

As a financial planner and advisor, I would not attempt to address the necessary steps to regain your emotional, social or physical well-being but we have drafted a workbook for those that have lost their partner/spouse to help you to regain your “financial well-being”.

There are two goals for this workbook. The first is to provide a structure or methodology so that you can regain your financial well-being and have financial peace of mind. The second is to help you to avoid making poor financial decisions, which can occur without having a good understanding of your current financial situation and what you will need in your future.

Hopefully this will help guide you though a process to better understand what needs to be done now as a result of your loss, help guide you to “getting it done” and lead to a better understanding of where you currently are at from a financial standpoint and how to best secure your future financial well-being.


Click here to download the free workbook “Securing My Financial Well-Being.”