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Investment Management

Approach and Investing Philosophy 

Our approach to investing is that your investment portfolio should be based on your goals, be tax efficient, be low cost and easy for you to understand.

Our investing philosophy is based on academic research of market theory that was the basis for several Nobel Prizes in Economics, as well as decades of financial data.

Clients engage our ongoing Investment Management services for numerous reasons. Some, because they don’t have the time, motivation, tools or knowledge to properly manage their own portfolios. Others worry that it may be hard to recover from a market downturn and prefer to have us “on board” to monitor and proactively make portfolio changes.

This Investment Management is most appropriate for those with $100,000 to $500,000 of investments in their portfolio. 

Our Process 

  • Determine the appropriate level of risk for your portfolio
  • Have a written investment plan, expressed in your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Complete the necessary paperwork to open new accounts
  • Facilitate the transfer of assets
  • Utilize appropriate asset allocations for the highest return given that level of risk
  • Select specific investments utilizing a multi-step screening process
  • Is based on Generally Accepted Investment Principles
  • Is based on Evidence Based Investing
  • Construct and maintain a tax efficient portfolio across all accounts
  • Complete the buys and sells of investments in the managed accounts
  • Regularly monitor the portfolio
  • Implement changes as needed based on the client’s Investment Policy Statement
  • Help to monitor your investing behavior and to not over react
  • Provide specific recommendations so that you can complete the buys and sells held in your “outside” accounts, i.e. 401(K), 403(b), etc

 We believe that no one cares as much about your investments as you and thus you should be part of the investing process.


  • We primarily utilize passively managed mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Actively managed funds may be used in those asset classes that are less efficient.
  • We also provide investment options typically unavailable to the general public, which include institutional share classes and mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, among others.
  • All mutual funds and ETFs have associated expenses; however, we ensure that they are as low as possible and NEVER have commissions.

    We do not usually recommend individual stocks and bonds but many of our clients’ portfolios include “legacy” investments that they will continue to hold. We are not affiliated with any financial services firm.

    The cost of this service is a an annual retainer amount billed on a quarterly basis, which is determined by the complexity of your situation, the amount of time expected to be needed, the number of accounts, the size of the accounts and the value provided to you. The minimum retainer is $300 a quarter.