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Wealth Management 

 Our Wealth Management Service is the consultative process of helping clients to meet their present and future goals by providing ongoing financial and investment advice in conjunction with their tax, insurance and legal advisors.

The clients that engage these services are successful individuals, couples or families that have accumulated a good size nest egg or are high-income earners that are serious about making their nest egg grow. In either case, they know that professional, ongoing, objective, fiduciary advice is the best way to achieve their goals in life. This service is well suited to those with over $500,000 in their portfolio.

The first step to Wealth Management is to have a comprehensive Financial Plan. Next is the Investment Management. The third is the ongoing advice and services to help clients understand their financial situation, make the best decisions and reach their goals.

Our Wealth Management suite of services integrates:

  • Assistance with your initial financial plan implementation.
  • Coordination amongst your other professional advisory team, which might include: Tax, Insurance Professionals and Legal Counsel (Others, as needed)
  • All the services listed in Investment Management
  • Quarterly investment performance reporting
  • Unlimited meetings, phone calls and emails during the year
  • Periodic updates of your financial plan – “How you are doing relative to your goals over time”

The cost of this service is a fixed annual retainer billed on a quarterly basis, which is determined by the complexity of your situation, the amount of time expected over the year, the number of accounts, the size of the accounts and the value provided to you. The minimum retainer is $1,250 a quarter.