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Becoming a Client:

  • Review our website to determine if our client solutions include the services that you are interested in obtaining.
  • If so, give us a phone call to have a short exploratory phone conversation and make an appointment for a “Get Acquainted Meeting”. 800-347-1340
  • Complete the forms to the left: Client Questionnaire, Financial Fitness Survey, and Investing-Who does What. This information will make our meeting more efficient.
  • At the complimentary “Get Acquainted Meeting”, we will discuss more about you and what you are looking to achieve. You will learn more about our firm and services and the associated costs.

At the conclusion of the meeting, you will then have the information needed to determine if we are a good fit in working together. 

If you opt to work together, the first step is developing your financial plan covering those areas relevant to you and your situation. 

Most clients also choose to use our on going investment advisory services and meet quarterly in the management of their portfolio.