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Investing - Who Does What

 There are three distinct phases of successful investing: the Design of the investment plan, the Implementation of the plan and the Perpetuation of the plan. This third phase is the ongoing process of monitoring the allocation and investments as well as making changes as needed over time.

There are five methods or options for completing these three phases. The most appropriate method for you should be based on what you are willing and capable of doing and what areas you may need some help. The five options include:

  • Invest on your own without professional assistance.
  • As-needed professional help. The professional develops your plan, you implement the recommendations and then return for additional help over time, as is needed.
  • A collaborative, co-managed approach. Professional develops the plan, both implement the plan, professional proactively monitors and reports. Joint decisions.
  • Engage an investment manager who makes unilateral decisions.
  • Use the services of a salesperson that gets paid commissions.

Please click on the link below:

 Investing Options You Decide

Print out the form, complete the worksheet and bring it with you to our Get Acquainted meeting.