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We do not have the capacity to work with everyone that inquires about our services and there is a limited number of other fee-only financial planners in many areas. The following advisors are very familiar with working remotely with clients. All of the following are members of the Garrett Planning Network, which is the largest organization of Fee-Only Hourly Planners.

It is suggested that you review their websites to determine if they may be a good fit for your financial planning needs, then contact them to learn more. 

1.  C. Bradley Bond, CFP®, CFA®, AIF®

                  C. B. Bond Financial Planning, Inc.

                  Hourly rate: $210

                  Areas of specialization or areas of focus: Work with those starting out, mid-career, pre-retirement, retirement and life changes.

                  Investment Philosophy: Your investment allocation is based on your goals but also needs to be tax efficient

                  Link to ADV form (Office Brochure): C.B. Bond Financial Planning Inc. ADV


   2.   Dr. Paul O'Neill, Ed. D., CFP®

                   O'Neill Financial Planning LLC

                   Hourly rate: $240

                   Areas of specialization or areas of focus: Over 55; Retirement planning

                  Investment Philosophy: Core - low cost index funds; some balanced funds for extra cash flow needs; selective sector ETFs matching special client needs.

                  Link to ADV form (Office Brochure): O'Neill Financial Planning LLC ADV


3.    Angie Grillo, CFP®

                  South County Financial Planning



                                    (949) 240-6125

                  Hourly rate: $250

                  Areas of specialization or areas of focus:  Specialize in working with Families with Special Needs (Disabled from birth). Engineers love me (I’m a former software engineer). Comprehensive financial planning with focus on leveling out income taxes throughout client’s lifetime.

                  Investment Philosophy:  I prefer to use Exchange Traded Funds and I build a base with indexes and add on a few others seeking alpha, so I’m a hybrid.
I also recommend people set stop losses.

                  Link to ADV form (Office Brochure): South County Financial Planning ADV


4.    Gigi Turbow Marx, MBA, Currently completing RICP planning credential.

                  Old Field Advisors LLC

                  Hourly rate:  $300

                  Areas of specialization or areas of focus: 

  1. Retirement Income planning and cash flow management of other distribution portfolios.
  2. E-S-G (Environmental-Social-Governance) driven core or satellite portfolios.
  3. Risk and tax management of concentrated holdings (low basis holdings or stock options greater than 15% of liquid assets). 

                  Investment Philosophy: Recommendations are tailored to the goals of individual clients, from simple-to-manage strategies for do-it-yourselfers to multi-layered portfolios for clients retaining us for ongoing oversight.

                 Link to ADV form (Office Brochure): Old Field Advisors LLC ADV